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Pssst, hey you... yeah you... you want some fantasy?  You wanna read some books?  You've come to the right place, my friend...

Hello!  Well looky here - Trial by Fire has FINALLY been completed, it's done and dusted and it's available on Amazon.  Seriously, I'm not joking, it's really there - I know people have waited a long time to see it, but here it is.  Pop on over to the Books tab and take a look for yourself.  Hell, I'd not believe me either! 

On another positive note, the second installment is very close to being finished.  First draft, that is, but that's always the part that takes the longest, and the most work.  I write skeletons and edit muscle and skin onto those bones.  Won't be too long until you get to find out what happens to Virgil, Monty and Ari after the desperate climax of Trial by Fire.  I promise...

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Loved it, and as of 04/02/15 I'm re-reading it for about the fifth time. Much better than the movie that was made - much more involved, gory and heart-warming. The chapters often blend seamlessly between recollection and narration, alt...