Graham Appleton was born in January 1983, the youngest of three brothers. Like most of us he was a child once (and in a way still remains one) but since turning 30, he has finally found the drive to begin writing seriously. His love of fantasy stems from hours and hours spent playing D&D with friends, copious amounts of video games and reading books like the Fighting Fantasy series of books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone - those ones where you are the hero.

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He also loves a good old splash of red horror, having had a fixation on Stephen King's works since he was far too young to read them. His parents wisely started him off with the Fear Street series of books, but he managed to get his head into a Stephen King book in the end, and has never come back out.

Graham lives in County Durham with his wife and two children. These days he writes when he can - when the demons silence their whispering - and otherwise looks after the kids, procrastinates and still enjoys playing RPGs, such as World of Warcraft. His goal in writing is to cause people - the more the merrier - to stay up far too late at night because they must read just one more chapter before going to sleep.